Project Description

Directed by

Simon Ross

Written by

David Cunningham

Produced by

David Cunningham
Stephen Cranny


Jamie Bamber
David Yelland
Kerry Norton

 (“AVERNUS – (uh-vur-nus) noun; (Roman Myth.) – Entrance to the Underworld.”)

A multi-award winning short film.

Avernus is a tale of revenge and murder… the perfect murder.

Jack Wells is unscrupulous, wholly egocentric and entirely devoid of any moral compass. His wife, ex business partner and old family friend crave retribution on him for the serious damage done to them by him. But they don’t just want him dead, they want him to know it was them who sentenced him; and why. They want to watch him die… they want ringside seats!

They invite Jack to a place where he feels comfortable – his golf club – and in full view of those present, they pay their final tributes to him as they shepherd him towards his fate.

Shot in January 2020, post-production was completed under coronavirus lockdown. Avernus is being submitted into International Film Festivals, for the latest updates see ‘What’s New’ under the ‘Contact and News’ Tab.