Project Description

Written & created by

David Cunningham

Steve Walker

Bartholomew Noone had been adopted into the family of billionaire businessman and philanthropist, Hamilton Noone. Now in his late twenties, Bartholomew is not only employed in his father’s pharmaceutical company but is also active in his covert operation employed by various governments to rid themselves of certain “undesirables”. Though Bartholomew will not find out for some while, Hamilton is in fact, a senior member of The Family.

After Hamilton is mysteriously murdered, and the finger of guilt is pointed at him, Bartholomew sets out on a mission to find the perpetrator. When he drops off the radar a number of forces are out to track him down, including his sister Rebecca – an elite NATO Special Forces (NSF) operative. In the course of his quest he begins to uncover staggering evidence relating to The Family, and the unimaginable truth behind their ambitions, as he is forced to confront their ultimate power. But Bartholomew has a unique asset, he has dissociative identity disorder… there are five of him.

Absolute Power corrupts, and with the world poised on the brink of ultimate chaos, the only hope for mankind rests in the hands of an assassin with multiple personality disorder.

“Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people.” 

Theodore Roosevelt 1913.