Project Description

Book by

Wayne Stier

According to Wikipedia and the Bible (1 Kings 10:22), Ophir is an unidentified region of uncertain location, reputedly rich in gold. And from where King Solomon received a cargo every three years. How does this relate to Mount Ophir (known locally as Gunung Ledang) which straddles the border of Malacca and Johore in Malaysia?

Could this have been the true location of King Solomon’s legendary mines?

It all starts for our heroine Cindy Anna, from Montana, when her husband walks into their bedroom and tells her he’s fallen in love with a woman half her age!

She sets off to travel the world and finds herself aboard the Asian Princess, a tanker bound from Chennai to Singapore. One night, with perhaps one too many G&T’s, she falls overboard into the Malacca Strait and gets is rescued by a boatload of amateur Gudang Garam (clove cigarette) smugglers. After a brief sojourn in a hormonally charged Malay village, she meets Percival Wiggins at the Majestic Hotel in Malacca.

Wiggins, the archetypal colonialist who is now quite out of place in today’s Malaysia, is quite clearly convinced that he has stumbled upon a mystery of mind-boggling significance. His many years of research have led him to discover a three-thousand-year-old secret… the location of the hidden treasure of King Solomon.

And so, Cindy Anna now finds herself in an epic adventure on a quest to find a cave filled with gold. She has a run in with desperate pirates and a dangerous triad gang as she discovers more clues in the myth of a princess and tales of ancient voyages.

Along the way she learns the meaning of chance and romance.