Project Description

Written by

David Cunningham
Steve Walker

Major Tom Wirz of US military Intelligence is plagued with guilt.  The guilt of having liberated men who have committed the worst of atrocities against humanity and the guilt of his relationship with Trudi, an innocent victim of those same atrocities.

It’s the end of the Second World War. Wirz finds himself at Hamelin Prison where, despite the vehement objections of his British allies, he is conducting the interrogation of a seemingly innocuous German Officer.

With everyone conspiring against him – facing an adversary equally ruthless and determined as himself, and a generations-old secret come back to haunt him – Wirz is forced to face his inner demons in his search to deliver the truth, and thus achieve the revenge he so desperately seeks.

Retribution is a hard-hitting psychological thriller set against the backdrop of the Nuremberg Trials and, whilst based on certain historical characters and events, is a timeless and timely indictment of Man’s most primitive need for Power and Revenge.

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